Sorry for being away for so long people, haven’t been dong much in the illustration field . . . but I have been keeping myself busy with a long lost love of mine . . . TANK MODELS!!!  This is the first one I have done in 35 years, and I have to say it didn’t come out too shabby.  When I was 12-13 I built up quite an armada of these bad boys, than there was this Step Dad who found them stowed away in the garage rafters.  So they all ended up in the garbage . . . 20 tanks, and three years of gluing my fingers together all gone just like that.  It has bugged me to no end for over 20 years now.  Thus, since I’m not drawing, why not go back in time, and rebuild my tools toward world domination.


Walking Dead

DayrlAmanda has asked me for an age to draw up Characters from the Walking Dead, being that both of us are such huge fans.  So after an age, I had a little fun with it this morning.  I doubt that I did Dayrl justice, but as I said in my post before, my hand is stuck in doodle mode.


DoddForgive my lengthy absence, my head has been disconnected for some time.  Right now I just seemed to be stuck in doodle mode, if even that.  I did this a couple of days ago after watching the latest episode of ‘Fargo,’ the second season.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the Coen Brothers, and their mastery of character development.  This second season is one of the best things on TV right now, and that’s saying a bunch with so many other outstanding shows fighting for ones attention.  So here is a quick scribble of ‘Dodd Gerhardt,’ the eldest of the Gerhardt clan.

Yes, it’s very French and absurd.

WP_20150518_09_53_01_Pro (2)I don’t know the how’s and why’s of my inner workings.  This looks very much as something I would have drawn in High School during any given math class.  It’s just wonderfully stupid, and crap like this makes me laugh.  I simply should be doing more ridiculous stuff like this.


WP_20150518_09_22_14_Pro (2)I still have yet to toss this onto photoshop, but it’s still blog worthy.  Every now and then I have to let the cartoonie portion of my brain out.  Halloween is coming up folks!

Nothing says Halloween like Walkers with Bloody Marys!

Sometimes simple is good.

971285_10200152517202153_381871537_nTo do anymore to this fanciful little doodle, would just take something away from it.  These are often my favorites, where everything just comes together with as little effort as possible.  The hat, the snow, her focused expression, and besides the obnoxious hat, she’s poorly under dressed for the elements.  It doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, it stands out bolder than other pieces I do that involve far more detail.  The trick to being a good artist, is knowing when to push yourself away, and just enjoy what it for what it is.  It’s a mistake that all us artist make, is bogging down a great piece with unneeded details.